IEA Wind TCP Task 40 Final Technical Report

Technical recommendations for Considering of Future Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61400-1 Standard.

This technical report has been developed to provide the best available recommendations on this topic, to reduce the risks in the design and deployment of downwind turbines and accelerate the growth of wind energy production in these areas. This document addresses many special issues that must be considered over the lifetime of the present and future super large and/or floating offshore downwind turbines.

This technical report provides a series of recommendations based on Task 40 research results that should be considered in future standards-making activities for IEC 61400-1 etc. While these recommendations are preliminary in nature and require further validation, many of the results suggest the aeroelastic models for the aerodynamic interaction between the rotor and the tower (well-known as tower shadow effect) and the nacelle,
load calculation conditions for passive (free) yawing in storms, etc. It is recommended that both modeling and design conditions be used to design and validate downwind turbines.

Download the Task 40 Final Technical Report