Annual Report 2020

The Annual Report 2020 highlights the activities and accomplishments of the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme.

In 2020, 93 GW of new wind power capacity was installed worldwide, bringing the global total capacity to 778 GW – and generated 1,590 TWh meeting 6% of the total electricity demand. Offshore wind also saw a considerable growth during the year, thanks to a 35 GW of new installed capacity. 85% of the world’s wind generating capacity—and all offshore capacity—resides in countries participating in the IEA Wind TCP. These countries added almost 80 GW of capacity in 2020, accounting for more than 87% of worldwide market growth (year 2020 includes India as the new member of IEA Wind TCP).

The IEA Wind TCP 2020 Annual Report highlights the work of 17 cooperative research Tasks, as well as the research and deployment activities of the 24 member countries and sponsor organisations. The report provides a summary of how member countries benefit from wind energy, how much wind power generation each country has deployed, and how policies and research programs increase wind power’s contribution to the world energy supply.

The full version of the Annual Report is available here as E-paper or PDF. You can also download each Task and Country report separately below.