Annual Report 2022

The Annual Report 2022 highlights the activities and accomplishments of the IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme.

The wind industry is nearing the 1 TW (1000 GW) landmark in cumulative installed capacity. Demand for more wind-generated energy continues to surge as it helps to mitigate both environmental and energy crises. Therefore, the industry has recently experienced a shift in priorities from a focus on cost reduction to increasing the speed of deployment to meet new renewable energy goals. Although 2022 saw less growth than the previous two years, forecasts show substantial growth in yearly deployment numbers. Despite this positive growth trend, the industry is challenged by the significant leap in deployment needed to reach the new targets set for 2030 and beyond.

Read the Executive Summary of the Annual Report 2022 here. The individual chapters and full Annual Report will follow soon!

Discover the core statistics and numbers behind the IEA Wind Annual Report 2022 in this Data Sheet.